Sheridan Community FCU will be implementing an added security step with our Debit/Credit card fraud monitoring. Coop/Falcon our card processor will add Text messaging into the effort to contact you if they suspect a fraudulent transaction is trying to hit your account. 



Get credit for a smart choice.

Credit Cards

Everyone should carry one

This isn't the Old West where daily business included horse trading. It's good to have a line of credit available when you don't want to burn through your cash immediately.

Small size, big difference

When someone asks about the best Sheridan, WY, credit union credit card, we humbly point them toward our MasterCard®. Its low Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will save you money on purchases and balance transfers; plus, you have a 25-day grace period for purchases.  Cash advances start to charge interest as soon as the transaction posts to your account though.

It's also inexpensive to maintain with an annual fee of only $12.

Sheridan Community Federal CU's MasterCard® provides financial flexibility for members in Sheridan, WY, and everywhere. We give you what you need to keep things simple and hassle-free.