Going beyond everyday accounts

Send money worldwide to anyone for any purpose by speaking with our staff in Sheridan about our wire transfer options. And if you need a safe deposit box, we offer various sizes to accommodate your assets.

Wire Transfer
Outgoing Domestic $15.00
Outgoing International $40.00
Credit Union Transfer (Member to Member) $10.00
Western Union transfer $35.00
Official Check $2.00
Money order $2.00
Overdraft account transfer (Savings to Checking) $2.00
Inactive Debit card fee monthly fee $1.25
Garnishment processing fee $50.00
International Service Assessment 1% of purchase
Safe Deposit Boxes
Annual Rentals
3X5 $15.00
5X5 $20.00
3X10 $25.00
5X10 $35.00
10X10 $70.00

Sheridan Community Federal CU provides wire transfer services and safe deposit boxes for members to utilize at their convenience. We give you what you need to keep things simple and hassle-free.