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Banks are for-profit companies that exist to generate high levels of profit for their stockholders. Bank stockholders elect a paid board of directors to run the bank and benefit stockholders, not the bank’s depositors. On the other hand, credit unions are not-for-profit organizations founded on the belief that individuals sharing common bonds can benefit from a cooperative financial effort. Credit unions are member-owned and exist to serve and educate their members, who are their depositors, and to promote thrift. The members elect an unpaid board of directors to run their credit union for the financial benefit of all members who are the depositors and borrowers. Learn more about the Credit Union Difference.

No. While members clearly benefit from the affordable financial services, money management education and personalized service that credit unions provide, companies also gain by offering a credit union benefit to their employees. This increases a company's marketability and helps employees gain access to financial services that they might have been unable to obtain elsewhere. In the end, credit unions benefit all consumers — members and non-members alike. Credit unions provide the economic benefits of capital investment and help local capital pools serve local communities. Credit unions also benefit all consumers by continuing to provide rate competition and an overall choice for financial services in the marketplace.

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